Whether it is a small carport, a new bedroom or a whole second floor over
your existing house, we will make your needs a reality, and will study every
existing component to make sure that your new addition becomes an
integrated part of your existing home.

     Our residential additions are divided into six stages


In the first stage of the process, we study and assemble all the necessary
information that will help in the development of the design.   To accomplish
our purpose, we have created at URBANA a meticulous program which
defines each and every one of our clients’ objectives and needs, such as
size, style, function, relation of spaces, and image.  In this stage we also
study the right location of the new project, based on our knowledge and the
clients’ requirements.  The direction of the sun, as well as possible views
along the area, plays a very important role in these decisions.  An estimated
budget and schedule is also determined during the first stage


During the second stage, the design process is identified and conceptual
ideas and sketches help us prepare a more defined result towards the final
design.  We meet with our clients, and together we discuss the progress of
the project and make sure that we are on the same track.  Floor plans,
elevations and sections are an important part of this stage.  It is during this
phase when the most important decisions of the design process are taken.


At this point, we finalize the technical details and prepare the complete set of
plans.  All necessary construction documentation are put together, including
the structural design,  locations of light fixtures, finishing material to be used,
and installation of different components.


The plans are submitted to the Building Department, and it becomes our
responsibility to meet with them when they request our intervention, to
answer their questions, to follow up in the approval progress, and to finally
guide our clients through the procedure of obtaining their permit which
allows them to start the next stage.


It is extremely important to ensure that our clients know who is building their
new project.  In this stage, we help our clients find the right contractor, help
them understand what we want, what they want.  We answer the contractor’s
questions and we follow up during the process of the construction stage to
make sure that every detail is accomplished in the specified way.  The
progress of their work is followed until the project is completed.


At URBANA, we believe that the relationship established with our clients does
not end when projects are finalized.  We want to ensure that they are
satisfied, and that our job has been done in the best possible way.  We stay
in touch, and our clients know where to find us if one day they need our
services again.
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