Code enforcement intervention is a common inconvenience.  Even small
changes such as changing the location of your appliances require the prior
approval from the local Planning and Building Department.  In many cases,
remodel their homes without the proper permit, and it is not until a City
inspector shows up at their door and explains the situation, that they realize
that there is a process to follow regarding this matter.  

You may receive a letter from the Building Department, in which your
remodel or addition is refer to as a ‘Code Violation’.  A time limit is issued,
and during this period of time you are required to either bring your house
back to its original shape, or get all necessary permits for your new

At URBANA, our quick response and intervention helps you through the
process of doing what is required to get your construction permitted and

Obtaining a permit for an addition or a house remodel will bring you piece of
mind by not worrying about an inspector questioning you about changes
done to your home.  It also will update property records and you will see a
gained value of the cost of your house.   
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