Energy conservation analysis must be approached as a conscientious
solution to the problems posed by the rapidly increasing energy demand in
developed and industrialized countries, and those in the process.

Title 24 energy calculations are governmental requirements for the
development of projects in several regions in the United States. Improved
energy efficiency helps to stabilize the increasing fuel and electricity costs
for residential and commercial consumers. Due to conservation and more
energy-efficient buildings and appliances, overall energy use per household
in California has actually dropped since 1980. Energy efficiency also lessens
the state's vulnerability to imported oil prices and reduces environmental

At URBANA, energy efficiency standards play an important role from the very
beginning of our design phases because we understand that compliance
energy-efficiency building standards represents the proficient and
sustainable use of resources, including energy, water, materials, and the

Do you need more windows in that bedroom?  Are you tired of those heating
and air conditioning bills? Would you like to save thousands of dollars in the
construction process of your house?  How about afterwards?  Let us help
you make your home an efficient place; it benefits you and the environment.
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